Established in 1999, Lilypad is a boutique, musique archive... But our real mission is providing services to indies that need professional expertise at a cost, they can afford. It is why we operate Kouderay today. A multi-purpose destination for recording, mixing, mastering, editing, and designing, operated in a casual setting from a rural area centrally located between Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison in northeastern Illinois.

Here's but a small sampling of our efforts over the years:

Cath Carroll

Former NME writer, Catherine Ryecroft (Miaow/Hit Parade), and bassist/engineer/educator, Kerry Kelekovich (The Wildroots/Michael McDermott) wrote and performed together as Cath Carroll (her musical persona's pseudonym) from 1994 to 2010 resulting in numerous singles, covers, books, compilation contributions, and three albums: True Crime Motel (Teenbeat 1995); Glommer - aka Cath Carroll (Heart & Soul 2000), and The Gondoliers Of Ghost Lake (LTM 2002). Their last collaboration, Moon Over Archway (Lilypad 2010), was released on Record Store Day 2010, which had followed their other RSD single, Desiree Won't Come Down (Lilypad 2009), and vocal recording sessions for Hit Parade and Trembling Blue Stars. Their music is still available online from Lilypad and streaming at Spotify, YouTube and everywhere you listen.


England’s purveyors of "schrammel-pop" were back at Kouderay Halloween '19 and mixed their excellent, eleven-song debut album, which is scheduled to be released in 2020 by Shelflife (USA) and KUS (EU) on 180-gram vinyl.  And after we finished mixing two songs last summer,  I Close My Eyes (b/w It'll Take More Than A Friday) was released as a limited-edition 7” single on KUS. Their critically acclaimed EP,  Self-Destruct Reality, featuring the single that was mixed and edited at Kouderay, is still available along with demos, covers, posters, and organic t-shirts, all direct from their store at Bandcamp or you can listen to Beth (Trembling Blue Stars), Shaun (The Wedding Present), and Kerry (Turbocat) on Spotify.

The Wildroots

Championed by the likes of recording warrior Timothy Powell (Metro Mobile), manager Dave Frey (Cheap Trick), and Chicago's finest AAA-music purveyors, 93'XRT, The Wildroots managed to attract a wide range of fans, record labels, and well-wishers, while opening for mainstays such as The Replacements, The Insiders, Dick Holliday & The Bamboo Gang, The BoDeans, and Southside Johnny. "Candy Store" - their only release featuring JD, Dan, Kerry - the founding members - and guitarist/vocalist, Tom Gerlach (who went on to form Phantom Helmsmen with his brother Steve and lifelong mate, John Carpender) appeared on the 1987 compilation recorded in Jay O'Rourke's studio by Lee Popa, "It Came From Jay's Garage." A truly stellar roster of guitarists worked with The Wildroots until disbanding in late autumn of 1989.


Naked In Nature  A mind-meld of five friends from three bands uniting for the love of noise, rock, song, and Guinness (not necessarily in that order). Recorded in Studio B at Columbia College's film sound studio in 1986 with the support of audio legend, Diego Trejo Jr. RIP, D. You are so missed.

Jonnie Warmer

A Month Of Tuesdays In October 1993, Tuesdays were scheduled by this duo resulting in a dozen songs featuring guest contributions from a diverse collection of talents. Their full length never surfaced. It's Just The First Step (Lilypad 2011) was the first song to see daylight.


Priceless Restoration (Lilypad 2010) the long-lost Factory Records' ten-song, demo collection from 1986-87 for the never-recorded album, "Priceless Innuendo."  Restored from the original, damaged cassettes plucked from a moldy suitcase and released for a very limited time. Liner notes were contributed by the gracious music-journalist, Peter Terzian. 

Garret Johnson

Garret hails from Morris, Illinois 60 miles southwest of Chicago. He arrived at Kouderay in the late winter of 2017 and sporadically reappears to create music in our kitchen. His songs comprise a two-pack affectionately dubbed The Shakey Toothpick Sessions.

Mark Alonzo

Lost Highway (Lilypad 1999) Former Chicago singer-songwriter now resides outside Nashville with his family performing as Nashville Rhythm Kings. He came to our little startup in 1999 before Lilypad even launched and was the very first project we created from the ground up. It featured a truly stellar lineup of musicians including John Prine's Small Potatoes bassist, Tom Pikarski. RIP, Pickles.


Live At Lilypad (Lilypad 2007), The Joker And The Queen (Wooden Nickel 2009) and Part One (Wooden Nickel 2010) were Lilypad's favorites before this evolving quartet went on permanent hiatus. Part Two was an excellent collection, too. It went unreleased.


It's Nothing Personal (Lilypad 2012) Texas duo, Debbie and Sean, recorded "Discourage Wolf" - their Lilypad debut single - at Kouderay. Sayonara eventually became a three-piece before calling it quits in 2013.

Mope Soup

Featuring Brian and Leslie, former guitarist and drummer from Stump The Host, local songwriter Tim Polk on vocals/guitar and Freakwater's upright bassist, Dave Gay, the four-piece recorded an album that was never released which we nicknamed, Skoasch. We played this one to death after we finished mixing this collection. Mope would have been a very comfortable addition to Chicago's indie scene at the turn of the century.

World Wide Riot

Posters Boys For The Apocalypse (Lilypad 2008) The Morris, Illinois duo's debut written and performed by Sean Blythe and Eric Enger is a full ashtray of singer-songwriter angst wrapped in chaos and is still available today from our store or online almost everywhere.


The Reflecting Pool (Lilypad 2007) Remixer/composer or maybe your multi-instrumental, ex-bandmate, C54 has been remixing the remains of the day since joining forces with a wide array of singer-songwriters, bands, and multimedia types. This was the first composition ever recorded at Lilypad - an ambient, atmospheric improvisation tracked during soundcheck before a session was just about to load in. This was the result, noise and all. On December 28, 2019, another improvised, live recording broke out at Kouderay celebrating the end of another decade. Titled Return To The Reflecting Pool, the 30-minute hangover cure was released on Soundcloud and YouTube on New Year's Day 2020. Firmly entrenched in the "other" category whilst straddling an experimental, indie-rock universe, C54's debut album, Before The Sun Goes Nova, is permanently in-progress.