Established in 1999, Lilypad is a boutique, musique archive...

The Wildroots Championed by the likes of recording warrior Timothy Powell (Metro Mobile) and Chicago's finest AAA purveyors, 93'XRT, The Wildroots managed to attract a wide range of fans and well-wishers, while opening for legends such as The Replacements and Southside Johnny. "Candy Store" - their only release - appeared on the 1987 compilation, "It Came From Jay's Garage."

Cath Carroll Catherine Ryecroft & Kerry Kelekovich wrote and performed together as Cath Carroll from 1994 to 2010 resulting in numerous singles, covers, compilation contributions, and three albums: True Crime Motel (Teenbeat 1995); Glommer (Heart & Soul 2000), and The Gondoliers Of Ghost Lake (LTM 2002). Their last collaboration, Moon Over Archway (Lilypad 2010), was released on Record Store Day 2010.

Miaow Priceless Restoration (Lilypad 2010) the long-lost Factory Records' ten-song, demo collection from 1986-87 for the never-recorded album, "Priceless Innuendo."  Restored from the original, damaged cassettes and released for a very limited time. Liner notes by music journalist, Peter Terzian.

Carpmen Naked In Nature  A mind-meld of five friends from three bands uniting for the love of noise, rock, song, and Guinness (not necessarily in that order). Recorded in Studio B at Columbia's Sound Studio in 1986.

Jonnie WarmerA Month Of Tuesdays In October 1993, Tuesdays were scheduled by this duo resulting in a dozen songs featuring guest contributions from a diverse collection of talents. Their full length never surfaced. It's Just The First Step (Lilypad 2011) was the first song to see daylight.

Hollus Live At Lilypad (Lilypad 2007), The Joker And The Queen (Wooden Nickel 2009) and Part One (Wooden Nickel 2010) were Lilypad favorites before this evolving quartet went on permanent hiatus. Part Two was an excellent collection, too. It went unreleased.

Sayonara  It's Nothing Personal (Lilypad 2012) Texas duo recorded "Discourage Wolf" - their Lilypad debut single - at Kouderay. Sayonara eventually became a three-piece before calling it quits in 2013.

World Wide Riot  Posters Boys For The Apocalypse (Lilypad 2008) The Morris, Illinois duo's debut is a full ashtray of singer-songwriter angst wrapped in chaos.

Capo 5 Four The Reflecting Pool (Lilypad 2008) Firmly entrenched in the "other" category whilst straddling an ambient, experimental, indie-rock universe, C54's Before The Sun Goes Nova is permanently in-progress.